Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Struggles of being Petite

When it comes to finding clothes I really do struggle to find thing that fit me, because I am 5ft and there is not much clothes out their for small people. Yes some places do have a Petite section but then the Petite section is not very big. The main thing I struggle with are trousers, maxi skirts and maxi dresses ( which I happen to love).

The main places I shop are Miss Selfridge, Boohoo.com and Asos. Now each shops have their pros and cons.

Miss Selfridge: They have very nice clothes but they not much Petite items.

Boohoo.com: Their maxi dress are the perfect length for me but once again not many items but over the months ( considering they only just started their petite section) their petite section has been growing and getting better.

Asos: Have a massive petite range but when it comes to wearing maxi dresses you need to be wearing high heels for it to me an ok length even then the dress is still touching the floor so you're nearly tripping over :(.

Over the years I have noticed stores have been getting better at recognising Petite people but wish they had more options for use Petite people as there is nothing more annoying than having a lot of fabric and the bottom of your legs making your legs look weird. So hopefully in the near future stores will see us Petite people and cater for us.

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