Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Just over a week ago Youtuber Grace Mandeville created a video on her and her sisters channel The Mandeville Sisters about Diversity.

 If you don't know who Grace is she is a Youtuber/Actress who was born with a shortened forearm. In Grace's video she talked about how we don't see many Youtubers who are different, as most ( please don't hate me for saying this it's my opinion) Youtubers are perfect. Yes I know everyone has something wrong with them but in my eyes they are all really good looking. I agree with Grace it would be nice to see more people like Grace as everyone is different not everyone looks like a model, it would also be nice to see more well know Youtubers who where different at it would show young people its ok to be different not to look or be perfect, as everyone comes in different shapes and sizes but thats not shown much on youtube WHY.

The reason why i feel strongly about this is i am not the most attractive girl (i also have a condition that effects my skin most people probs can't see it but i know its there), and this is a main reason why i haven't shown my face on this blog yet, as i feel i don't have much self confidence, but hey ho you know what since Grace's Video it's made me think, Yes i am different but so what i should be happy about that i shouldn't hide away. So made one day soon i feel confident to show my face/ body on this blog.

Lydia xx

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