Friday, 26 September 2014

Make Up Brushes

The other week I decide to buy some make brushes, The ones I decided to choose were Real Techniques By Sam and Nic Chapman (Sam Picks).

What I love about these brushes are they are so soft and they apply the make up smoothly which I love.  Also due to the quality none of the hairs come off which is what you need from a make up brush.I love them that much I have bought some more which are on their way, and I would 100% recommend  them to my mates. I give them 10/10 and will keep buying and using these brushes as they are amazing.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Aero White Chocolate Review

In the U.K Aero a chocolate bar brand recently released a new limited edition white Chocolate Bar. After finally finding one (as they were hard to find) I decided to write a little review about it.

When I first opened it I was disappointed to see the whole bar wasn't white. I then went on to eat the rest of the bar and I was once again disappointed as it turns out it's not white, its vanilla flavour.It tasted  ok but not the nicest of flavours, I most likely won't be rushing out to buy this flavour again I will definitely buy the mint flavour over this one.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Finding a good moisturiser

Now I know when it comes to finding a good moisturiser it is hard, but recently I found an amazing moisturiser.

 It is by Vaseline and it comes in three flavours.
                                       Essential moisture which has a sweet (which is not strong) smell.

                                         Aloe Fresh- Has an aloe vera (not strong once again) smell

                                      And Cocoa Radiant- Has a coco (not strong again) smell

The reason why I love these moisturisers is you simple spray it over your body, rub it in and you can put your clothes on straight away, so there is no having to wait for it to dry. At first I started to use it just for my legs as I get bad eczema there I have noticed it has been helping it (even thought its still there).

The reason why i started to use it was my eczema came bad on my legs. So when my legs start to really badly itch I spray the moisturiser on to stop the itching. But recently after a lot of think I have decided to start moisturising every day to make my skin less dry which  hopefully will keep my eczema at bay.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


So i decided to try a little bit of nail art onto my nails, for my first attempt at nail art i think its not bad.

                                                Here is a photo close up of the nail art.

                          And here is a picture of my whole hand.

Hopefully next time my nail art will be better but for my first attempt am happy :).

Nail polish i used:
Dark Pink: Barry M  Gelly Hi-Shine Pomegranate (gnp 9)
Light Pink: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon Fruit (gnp 11)
Black: Barry M Nail Art Pen
I also used a clear nail polish on top for protection and a nice shine

Monday, 27 January 2014


My name is Lydia but call me Lidz,
because this is my first blog i don't know what to say apart from welcome to my blog

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