Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Finding a good moisturiser

Now I know when it comes to finding a good moisturiser it is hard, but recently I found an amazing moisturiser.

 It is by Vaseline and it comes in three flavours.
                                       Essential moisture which has a sweet (which is not strong) smell.

                                         Aloe Fresh- Has an aloe vera (not strong once again) smell

                                      And Cocoa Radiant- Has a coco (not strong again) smell

The reason why I love these moisturisers is you simple spray it over your body, rub it in and you can put your clothes on straight away, so there is no having to wait for it to dry. At first I started to use it just for my legs as I get bad eczema there I have noticed it has been helping it (even thought its still there).

The reason why i started to use it was my eczema came bad on my legs. So when my legs start to really badly itch I spray the moisturiser on to stop the itching. But recently after a lot of think I have decided to start moisturising every day to make my skin less dry which  hopefully will keep my eczema at bay.