Monday, 19 January 2015

Jelly Belly Strawberry Jam Drink

A few days ago I purchased this drink 
It is Strawberry Jam flavoured drink made by Jelly Belly. The drink was imported from America and was roughly £2.00. I wasn't too sure about the drink considering it is Strawberry Jam which I find is too sweet but this drink wasn't sweet at all. I would 100% buy this drink again as I loved it that much and I can't wait to try other flavours from the jelly belly drink range. Have you tried any american drinks if so which ones and were they nice.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Dream

Everyone has dreams and my dream is to be an artist. The reason why is I love to draw if I ever need to clear my head one of the things I do is draw.

Here are three of my artwork pieces I have done if you want to check out anymore you can find me on Instagram under: lidzartwork

Now i know my dream is going to be hard to reach but i am determined to reach it, let me know your dream and if your anyway near achieving it. :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year

Nearly every year I see someone say a new year a new me, well this year it is my turn.

I decided I want to be come healthier and lose a little bit of weight on my lower half. Now this will be hard as I do have a very sweet tooth, but I want to do this for my health.

Another thing I want to do is to start blogging more, even if not many people read my blog I just enjoy writing. Also my main dream to be an artist and i am going to try hard this year to kick it off it will be hard but like I said it's my dream.

So here's to a new year and a new beginning hopefully you all will have an amazing year, and hopefully my dream will come true.


So for christmas my parents bought me Benefit complexion confections gift box.

In the box you get, Instant Comeback facial serum, Its Potent eye cream, Triple Performing facial emulsion and the pore fessional.

I already use Benefit's Ultra Radiance facial re-hydrating mist everyday and since i started to use it i noticed an improvement in my skin so I can't wait to use them everyday and see if my skin improves which it should.